Monday, Monday

And not much to talk about.

Avery had a playdate today at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. He went with three other friends from his class. Four six-year-olds in a museum full of fun science-y stuff…only a little stressful. *wink* As we were walking out, I looked to the west (it’s a reflex, ya know) and saw this vista… I swear, I love it here.

(That tiny little glint in the center of the pic…that’s where Wade works!)

Of course, Avery wanted me to take his picture too….

And here’s a little peek at our journaling challenge for tomorrow…to use *only* adjectives. (Don’t ask me how I came up with this color scheme… LOL!)

4 thoughts on “Monday, Monday

  1. I LOVE your layout. LOVE. (Can I say it again?) You better have submitted it somewhere or everywhere. If you haven’t, please do so. (Oh, and the vista is gorgeous and Avery is adorable.)

  2. OMG I love that layout, you have your scrappin’ mojo going! I agree with Viv, SEND IT IN! By the way I am glad to hear that you survived the NHM for a playdate, I have hear urban legends of mothers not making it:)

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