Much more productive today.

And actually none of it in a video game galaxy. *wink*

I had a little fun in my studio today. I’ll have to wait to share until tomorrow when I can take pictures of my projects.

The boys got dirty with their science fair project today. They are doing a ‘family project’ and are sharing the work load. (This is good for mommy, too. Since we have never done science fair before, I thought a family project might help get our feet wet.) They are doing a project about the effects of light on plant growth. They are measuring growth in sunlight, incandescent light, fluorescent light, and no light. The most important thing though…they got to play with dirt. *wink*

In other news… My appointment is tomorrow. Wish me luck!

4 thoughts on “Much more productive today.

  1. I was just going to post about how our science fair went. You will love doing this with your boys! I love how it brings Dillon and I together to research something that he is interested in and this year was Bailey’s first year.

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