We decorated easter eggs.

We didn’t just color them, we tattooed them! Our friends Robin and Logan came over this afternoon for some Easter egg fun. (What kind of photographer am I? I didn’t take pics!! I guess I was too busy trying to keep the dye in the cups and off of the kids. lol) I did take some pics of the final product, though…

Tyler’s eggs are bright and vibrant, just like him. He would have left them in longer for even more color, but we convinced him to take them out and put his tattoos on…


Avery’s eggs are color coordinated. I realized when I was taking the picture that his tattoos are perfectly matched to his egg color. I’ll have to ask him tomorrow if he did that on purpose.


Benji put a “B” on one, a “bee” on another, and covered the other with tattoos. Love that kid.


And here is mine. *wink*


10 thoughts on “We decorated easter eggs.

  1. Looks like a lot of fun! It’s so neat to see everyone’s individual creative personalities like this! (I am curious to hear Avery’s answer!)

  2. I love decorating Easter Eggs! You and the boys always do such a great job with all your crafty projects. I just might decorate some by myself today. Hope you all have a wonderful Easter. Love your Georgia cousin, Anne.

  3. doh! I didn’t take pictures either. damnit. if I don’t stop dylan, we would have all brown eggs. we’re doing more tonight. -note to self, buy more vinegar-

  4. Am I a really bad mother because I have not dyed eggs with my children for… two or three years? I’m not sure Sophie has ever participated.

    Bad, bad mommy.

    Maybe this year.

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