I almost gave up.

Our blog server has been down for quite a long time tonight. I was busy creating for most of it, but then I wanted to blog and I couldn’t. eeeks! In the eleventh hour (literally) it came back up. So here I am!

I had parent-teacher conferences for Tyler and Avery today. Both of the boys are doing fantastic. Tyler’s teacher is expecting him to score “advanced” on the CSAP (standardized test) and says that he writes really well. Avery’s teacher said that she wishes all her students were like him…smart, well-behaved, friends with everyone… He is now reading firmly on a second grade level. I’m so proud of both of my boys!!

As a treat, I took the boys to Cold Stone Creamery for some ice cream. And of course the camera went along…

Tyler…what can I say….the boy loves his ice cream. *wink* His choice…Ghirardelli chocolate ice cream with coconut mix-in.


Avery…his choice was mint ice cream with gummi bears. He thought it was funny to show me the bears…


Benji cracks me up! He chose to have regular chocolate with marshmallows. Except he calls them “smarsh-a-smellows”…don’t you just love that!! It makes me smile every time he says it.


Had to share this pic too. Before I asked him to smile, this is the look that Benji gave me. He’s going to have some girl wrapped around his finger one day…much to my chagrin.


4 thoughts on “I almost gave up.

  1. Love those ice cream pics!
    We are proud of Tyler and Avery’s progress in school. Proud of Benji, too!!
    It’s snowing in Georgia this morning, but not sticking.


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