All Star Wars, all the time.

((Day 4: check, check, check!))

The boys are Star Wars fanatics. Seriously. They know all the obscure character names. They know the music. (Tyler can play the Darth Vader music on the keyboard.) They can make *any* of the vehicles (pods, fighters, bombers, speeders…) out of legos. **note to self: take some pictures of these lego creations.** And then there is this…


One day (probably when I was doing chores), Benji decided he was going to make C3PO. He started cutting and coloring notebook paper. He made a whole leg and his pelvis and then decided that he wanted to make R2-D2. He did all of R2’s drawing and then cut out his three legs. Yes, there is a whole leg taped to the back of this R2. He did all of this without a picture to look at. It’s all up there in his noggin. Tyler came home from school and took an interest in Benji’s project. He finished C3PO. These two droids have been taped to my laundry doors for the past few weeks. They’ll stay there until the boys tear them down.

Today was a scrap day for me, so the boys entertained themselves for a while. Avery pulled out the dominoes and made this scene…


He’s got the Y-wings over there on the right, and an X-wing over on the left. He didn’t tell me what the two in the middle were. Starships? Destroyers? The Death Star? (Ooooooh! You can see a little bit of one of the lego creations up there at the top! I’ll take some more pics tomorrow.)

Hey! I got to bed before 11 last night!! Wooohooo! If I get my booty in gear, I could make it two nights in a row!

9 thoughts on “All Star Wars, all the time.

  1. What is it about Star Wars and little boys? Or Star Wars and little boys and Legos? You do know I love the C3PO and R2, right? I’m not showing Eli this photo since he will get all kinds of ideas about our home decor, I am sure! 🙂

  2. Uncle Wayne is so very proud of the creations!! He can’t wait for Liam to be interested in Star Wars.

    Who knew your kids would take after their Aunt Holly and be so creative! 😛

    Love you,

  3. Yep, little boys, Legos, and Star Wars. Baxter’s teachers were shocked this morning to hear, in conferences, that he has only seen the first two movies. He knows the characters and the plots of the others, though, and has created “Episode 7 and Episode 8” in his head. Go ahead– ask him a question about one of them. He has an answer!

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