Scrappin' and sock hoppin'

I went scrappin’ with my girlfriends (hey girls!!!!) last night. (That’s why I didn’t post.) While I was there Wade took the boys to the sock hop at school. Sadly, he did not think to take the camera. The stories I heard would be even better with some photographic proof. Let’s just say that Avery may be a feature performer on Dancing with the Stars one day. *wink*

As there are no photos from the sock hop, I thought I would share my productivity with you. (like you could stop me. lol)

The first two I made for MaryKay’s store. I loved using these papers! So much fun! (MK, I will get these down to you soon!)



This one I started at the crop and finished this evening. It turned out so totally different than how it started, but I really like it!

sorry for the kinda wonky scan.

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