International Snow Sculpture Championship

Awesome sculptures this year! But to tell you the truth, I am never disappointed. Serious talent. It boggles the mind. (For those who don’t know…the teams of artists are given huge blocks of packed snow to carve into whatever their hearts desire.) Here are our favorites… (I’ll also add the blurbs from the program so you can get a little better understanding of the sculptures.)

Wade liked these bison. (front and back views)

“Team USA, Wisconsin–Battling Bison “The Rut”–Every spring the bison begin to enter breeding season. By mid-summer “the rut,” as it is called, is at its peak. Bulls have grown more belligerent as the season has progressed. Fierce battles of dominance often take place when one bull refuses to stand down. The victor wins the right to mate while the vanquished must move on often wounded and bloodied.”



My favorite was this piece… (whole piece and a detail shot)

“Team USA, Breckenridge, CO–Break Out–Global climate change and dwindling resources have left our world in a precarious balance. Through a positive and revolutionary shift in thinking we canbreak out of the limitations of outdated models to develop and implement new technologies, creating a promising and sustainable energy future.”



Tyler’s favorite…

“Team France–Sculptures–The work is formed by different sculpted parts in cubed shapes, but the parts are made of the same material, snow. The parts represent a sample of different styles of sculpture: primitive art, classical art and abstract art. In the end, the parts become one sculpture.”


Avery’s favorite…

“Team Mexico, Mexico city–Faces within the Waves–As water is the origin of life, we can say that our oceans move, sing, sometimes dance to the moon, becoming the greatest show you can see. And on this special occasion, the ocean rises to encounter new and old friends.”


Benji’s favorite….was not an actual sculpture entered into the competition. He called it “The Butt Slide Sculpture.” You can probably guess why…


There were some other fantastic sculptures that I really loved that had amazing textures. I think that I am going to do a scrapbook page on just that. Here are a couple of my fave textures…



Ok all, it is now time for dinner. If I don’t get back tonight with snowmobiling pics, I’ll do that tomorrow. *smile*

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  1. Oh My, how is it that I never even knew about this, we are definately going to check it out next winter! Thanks for the info and the amazing pictures! I weigh in that my favorite is the Bison!

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