Mary Kay loves me.

She really does. *smile*

So…I had this blog post all planned out in my head. It was such a sad little “woe is me, my life sucks” kind of post. Thing is, I’m trying *really* hard to get rid of all the negative junk in my life. I realized that post would just spew all of my aggravation, frustration, and sadness all over all of you, and that’s not fair to any of us.

Instead, I thought I would bore you to tears with my cruise album…which is finally finished. I know last summer I was trying to post our pictures, but life happened and I stopped. So now you get to see them all. (Well…not *all*…but a good majority of the good ones. *wink*) I’ve got to go scan all of the pages and I’ll be back with the goods.

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