Good morning!

I totally meant to write a post last night, and then I got caught up in Top Chef and So You Think You Can Dance. I’m a sucker for reality competition shows. I’m waiting (not so patiently) for the next season of Project Runway. I love that show!

Lots to share today…. I hope you don’t mind if I really talk through our cruise day by day. I’m doing it mostly for my benefit so I don’t forget what we did. I’ve got to do a cruise mini-album doncha know. heehee

Day2–7/26/07–We slept late at the h/motel. Late meaning we didn’t get up at the usual 6:30 when the boys get up. *wink* We had a buffet breakfast in the restaurant and got our things ready to catch the shuttle to the boat. Seeing the boat for the first time was so exciting! You really don’t comprehend how big these things are until you are standing next to them. We left our bags with the porter on the dock and went inside to get checked in. Everything went very smoothly. We got our SeaPass cards (these things are like your ID and credit card all rolled into one), got our ‘Welcome Aboard’ picture taken, and proceeded up the gangway. The inside of the ship was overwhelming! All glitz and glamour. Brass and glass everywhere. We went to the Windjammer Cafe where they were serving buffet lunch as our stateroom would not be ready until 1. It was hard to find a seat in the cafe, but we managed to find a place by the window. We ate lunch and watched the boats go by. We went to find our stateroom and get settled only to find it not quite done. So we decided to go explore the ship. We walked through the shopping area, found the pools, gym, and spa. Just before departure, we had the obligatory safety drill. Those life jackets are *so* fashionable…. (can you hear the sarcasm??) After the drill, we took our life jackets back to the room and headed to the pool deck to find ourselves a Bon Voyage drink and prepare to set sail. I can’t tell you how much the ship’s horn scared me…I almost spilled my drink!! When we were out on the open sea, Wade and I went back to the cabin to relax a bit and get ready for the show and dinner. The show was fun! It was a musical recap of movie songs from the last three or four decades. Totally up my alley. Wade, on the other hand, fell asleep…. lol. At dinner that night, we met our table mates. They all turned out to be great people to spend a few dinners with! Some pics from Day 2

The two of us in our life jackets…ready for the drill!

Wade and his Bon Voyage drink…

Me and my hair getting blown every which way out on the open sea…

*****Day Three tomorrow!

The next set of pages in Holly’s wedding album were letters that I wrote to both of them. I used their engagement photos for the pics. I won’t type out what I wrote to them…you’ll have to ask them if you want to read the letters. *wink*

Ok…can you stand a few more pictures??? While we were in Georgia, we took the boys to Avondale Estates. Wade and I were married there 10 years ago. We took them to the exact spot and decided to have a family photo shoot. We got a few good shots. Here’s one that I thought was fun…

I also set up the camera so that Tyler could push the button and recreate one of our wedding photos. Here’s the pic from this year…

And here’s the original…10 years earlier…

I decided to use these two pics in a scrapbook page to thank Wade…for everything…

Alright. I think I’m done for now. I hope I can get back on here tonight…but the season finale for So You Think You Can Dance is tonight. We’ll see how I feel…. *wink*

3 thoughts on “Good morning!

  1. WOW! What an impressive post.

    I love your before and after pics
    at the park in Avondale Estates.
    And, your “thank you” page is
    absolutely increible!

    What a wonderful 10 Years it has been.
    Here’s wishing you and Wade 90 more!


  2. Great photos!!!
    I agree with Robert.
    And those ten years have gone by so fast not to mention the three new editions to the family.
    “Thank you” to both of you for making us part of it all.
    Love always,

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