An Amazing Monday!

I just love it when Mondays are good! The boys were good (relatively…). My chores were easily done. My errands were run with no troubles. And it only gets better….

Amazing thing #1…Wade got us tickets to see Harry Connick, Jr. on June 7th at Red Rocks Amphitheater.  And we have 3rd row seats!!!!! I just about fainted. My summer is going to ROCK!!!

Amazing thing #2…I got a scrapbook page picked up for publication!!! I got an e-mail requesting one of my layouts for the August 2007 issue of Creating Keepsakes. And it’s a page all about me taking my self portrait! (You may remember the page…I had posted it a couple of weeks ago thinking that calls were done…I guess they weren’t! LOL)

So…in celebration of my fabulous mood…I am going to share 2 of my HOF layouts tonight. Yay! Both of these fall into the “Freebie” category.  We just had to choose four of our favorite layouts to send in. Here are two of mine…

Three is Perfect. I just loved that this one pushed the envelope a little. One picture on two pages??? Crazy, I tell ya!! LOL!

And just to keep up with the ‘three boys’ theme….Cheese. It’s all about how when I’m trying to take a picture, these are the shots that make me crazy. But also how these are the shots that make me smile when I am looking at the pictures later.

Hope you all had a great weekend! And here’s to a *fabulous* week!

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