Do you believe…

that bad things happen in threes?? If they do, I’m in big trouble for Monday…

I found out yesterday that one of my best friends is moving. She sold her house and will be closing on it April 30th. She is moving to Ft. Collins…an hour away. An hour doesn’t seem like a lot, but when she is only 6 minutes away right now…that’s 10 times farther away. And kids don’t tolerate a long drive like that very often.

I’m sorry to be such a downer. I guess I’m just feeling sorry for myself.

That brings me to Monday. It’s call day. And very reliable sources say that the calls will begin at 10 am mountain time. (12 noon for you east coasters.) If you have a compassionate bone in your body…please DO NOT call me on Monday. I will be a nervous wreck. And I will probably not be able to have a coherent conversation with you. I will greatly appreciate it.

Thank you for listening to me moan and complain. After all of this HOF business is over, I promise I’ll be a happier camper. For putting up with me, I have a couple of layouts I can share with you all.

The first…my latest journaling challenge. My favorite song of all times. There are no pictures, just the lyrics on a lot of pretty paper.

The second I submitted for a call and did not get picked. It’s totally ok because I really stepped out of the box and took a risk with it. The base of the layout is vellum (a semi-transparent paper) with a bit of patterned paper behind it to help the journaling show up. You may recognize the photos…


I’m so sorry, you guys….but I had to remove this layout…because it is going to be PUBLISHED!!!!!!!!!!! The call that I thought was done, wasn’t really and they *actually* wanted my page to put in their magazine!!! You can see my post on April 2nd, 2007 for details. Yay!


Now…on to my weekend and trying to keep my mind off of “things.”

HOF countdown…2 days. *cross your fingers*

4 thoughts on “Do you believe…

  1. you know I’m crossing my fingers for you and will bug you until you tell me if/when you get the call right. 🙂

    plus I love the vellum LO, it never really crossed my mind to do that.

  2. Heather,
    Good luck on the “wait!”

    “Rainbow Connection” trivia question:
    What year did it chart on Billboard 100 @ #25?

    How many times has “Rainbow Connection” been recorded?
    Answer: I still don’t know – that’s why I asked.

    Who else has recorded it?
    Answer: Judy Collins, Willie Nelson & Kenny Loggins just to name a few.

    I just thought I would give you something else to think about while you wait.
    We’re all waiting with you.
    Love always,

  3. hang in there cutie! unless you know already?! i know you can’t tell us if you do BUT HUGE hugs either way! you are a winner for submitting – that’s more than 1/2 the battle! cheers to ya and see you soon, rach

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