Yeah, yeah, I know…

It’s technically Wednesday, but I fell asleep on the couch after watching Miami Ink. I promised myself I was not going to skip blogging tonight.

Avery had his kindergarten screening today. It’s so funny how they do these things. We went in to the office to start the paperwork. I signed a paper saying that he could participate in the screening and that if they thought he should be IQ tested for the gifted program, I would allow them to do that, too. (They were not doing the testing today, they would determine if he needed it and call at a later date to set it up.) And then they took his picture. Mugshot style. He is so funny. Standing up against the wall with his cheesy grin. It made me giggle. So then I got a bunch of paperwork to fill out. Three pages front and back about Avery and his personality. Do you know how hard it is to come up with *examples* for some of these questions? Just crazy to have to come up with specifics on the spot. Avery kept asking me if he could take his turtle (the stuffed one that Uncle Evan bought him at the aquarium) in with him. I told him that he would have to ask his teacher. So that’s what he did. She was very nice and said that he could take ‘Pooka’ in. He was in there with 7 other kids for 2 hours. When he came out, of course I asked him what he did. I got out of him that he did some reading, some counting, some letter recognition stuff, and that he “did a play.” I wanted to hear more about the play, but have not as yet. We were home for about 45 minutes when I got a call from Hulstrom. I figured that I had forgotten to do something with my paperwork. No. It was Deb calling to see if I could bring Avery in for IQ testing….tomorrow. LOL! I told her sure, and then I called Wade. He said that Avery must have made some kind of impression. Yep, that’s my kid. heehee So, tomorrow is step two. I’ll let you all know how that goes!

Now for the pictures! This week in the challenge, I are supposed to show you my hometown. Well…I got a shot yesterday that fits the challenge, but today was a little too crazy….

Monday’s shot is of the open space in our neighborhood. Of course right now it is buried under goodness knows how much snow. The snow is covering lots of undeveloped space and a hiking/biking trail. Way in the background, you can see a little of the mountains. I love living here. *EVERY* neighborhood has open space. Or a park. Someplace where people can go and ‘be one’ with the beauty of nature that surrounds us. I just love it. (And I just realized how bad I need a lens hood…nice sunspot there…)

Today, I took a picture of my new shelves. I got an ***amazing*** deal on this unit from Pottery Barn.  The shelf at the top is a little large, but I am using it to house some stuff that is really a bit big to have on my other shelves, but that I would still love to have at my fingertips. The ledge below that is holding the larger tools of the trade that I also need so often. The towel bar and S-hooks will hold my scissors and anything else that I will be using on a project that I want close, but not on my work surface. And then of course, my favorite part…the pinboard. I’ve been needing something that will hold papers right in front of my face at my workspace. It is perfect!!

And now my friends, I am going to go to sleep for the second time, but now with a clear conscience. Until tomorrow…..

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  1. I saw those shelves and thought about them but I have no place to put them. I’m always trying to find the best way to organize all my scrap stuff and it’s just not happening.

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