Weekends go by too fast.

Especially when you are busy. The deep freeze that has gripped our state has *not* slowed us down.

Yesterday was shopping day. A little grocery shopping. A little scrapbook shopping. Tyler went to a school friend’s house to play for a little bit. The other boys kept busy coloring and playing inside. My photo of the day for Saturday may look like a little bit of nothing special, but it is quite the opposite. The photo is Wade taking care of bathtime. It’s no small task, I’m telling you. And I am *very* grateful that he does it.

Today, I had a photo shoot. My friend Holly is due in February with her fourth little one. She got to be my maternity shoot guinea pig. I can tell you, I had SO much fun!! Holly was a great subject and was willing to try so many things. I think that the results are fantastic! These are some of the photos that I will be using on my website.


I’d love to know what you all think of these!

4 thoughts on “Weekends go by too fast.

  1. Heather,
    O.M.G. This is really good!!! I don’t mean to sound surprised but I am extremely impressed with these. The photos with the black background are fantastic.
    A really nice subject and your approach is new and very fresh. “Thanks” to Holly for being such a good subject and friend.
    Love always,
    Your biggest fan,

  2. Wow! I love these Heather, you really rocked this shoot! I love the black and whites especially. The last one is gorgeous. So fun to see you making your dream come true!

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