We got snow.

And a lot of it. I think it was a little more than two feet. Wade spent about five hours digging out our driveway. Unfortunately, the street is not clear, so I’m not sure that we could get out tomorrow even if we wanted to. I guess we’ll see. I took about 80 pictures of the snow, Wade shoveling the snow, and the boys playing in the snow. I plan to make an album sometime tomorrow and I will let you all know how to get to it. To tide you over until then…one of my favorites from today.

2 thoughts on “We got snow.

  1. we have rain. i’d rather have snow. it’s supposed to be 40 on Monday, Christmas isn’t supposed to be warm!

    glad you’re having fun in the snow. 🙂

  2. That is a great picture of four of my favorite people!
    Keep ’em warm & safe.
    I hope Robert & Ginny get there safe & okay.
    Tell them we said “Hi!”
    Love always,

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