Tuesdays seem so long.

Why, yes, I would like some cheese with that whine. heehee

So, the computer is ok for right now. No catastrophes, thank goodness. I still need to get some more space in this box if I think I’m going to be a real photographer. Speaking of which…I had a shoot on Sunday and I have another this Saturday! Saturday is supposed to be a *beautiful* day. I cannot wait!

Wade spent some time on my website today. Still no galleries…(I need to do a lot of work tomorrow so we can get those up and running)…but he put a little picture banner on the first page. Check it out>>>> http://heatherharrell.info/

When I was finding pictures to go in galleries and on the web site in general, I found this picture from the same trip to the zoo a while back. I’m sure that I skimmed over this one because Tyler was so far away from the other two. But this picture is truly how these three are sometimes. I really think that since Tyler has been in school for 2 1/2 years now, the other two have had all of that time getting used to playing with each other. Tyler is more of the ‘loner’ among the three of them. Anyway…here is the picture that spoke to me…

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