Being a football fan is hard sometimes.

I hate it when the Broncos don’t win. Ugh. It was a close game tonight, but there were so many things that went wrong in the last quarter and we lost the game in the last 5 seconds. Good hard fought game, but still depressing.

So…it’s been a busy few days. Not that being busy excuses me from not blogging. Friday I got together with some local girls and scrapbooked until midnight. SO much fun! Saturday we took the boys to the Parade of Lights in downtown Denver. It’s a holiday parade where all of the floats are made of lights! It was about 12 degrees at parade time, but all of us were decked out in our snow pants and boots and heavy coats and gloves. The boys all had a great time!

I will leave you tonight with another fabulous photo from Holly’s wedding. I love this picture of Madison looking into the mirror. She just loved her Cinderella dress…

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