Up to my eyeballs in pictures.

That’s all I’ve been doing today. All for the business, though. Just got my order in for the first wedding I did back in October. It’s so nice to have that one finished. I hope she likes the finished product!

For those of you waiting for Holly’s galleries to look at and order…I’ll be working on that tomorrow! Stay tuned!!

Yesterday we finally got the tree up and decorated. And of course the boys won’t leave it alone. It’s going to look like it’s been through a war zone by the time Christmas gets here. Speaking of…Tyler has made his list for Santa. It is **hysterical**! I need to take a picture of it for posting and to make a scrapbook page, of course.

For my picture today…I submit to you, our tree…

2 thoughts on “Up to my eyeballs in pictures.

  1. i’m anxious to see what our dog does with a tree. we didn’t have one last year because we went to Vegas so this will be the first year with her and a tree. My dad plans on tying it up so she can’t knock it down. We’ll get our tree in a couple weeks since I insist on a real tree. 🙂

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