Guilt…and things you don't see every day.

I have guilt. I haven’t been able to get myself here to update like I really should. The guilt comes because I *could* come here and just do a little update, but I seem to have in my mind that I need to give you all (my faithful readers) some kind of pictures or scrapbook pages or something like that. So I think to myself, I don’t have time to search for a picture or scan a scrapbook page, so I’ll just skip the whole blogging thing for the night. And then one night turns into four nights. It’s pitiful. So, here I am tonight. I will not make any more promises. LOL! I don’t want to disappoint. I will say that I will *try*. Do you mind that I don’t always have a photo or layout??

Speaking of photos…I have had a few new jobs lately. Actually, two since we’ve been home from Georgia. I don’t have anymore lined up, so if you know of anybody that needs pictures, send them my way! I took some pictures of a fabulous family on Saturday…I am so hoping that they will let me use some of their photos for my website. They were *way* too much fun to take pictures of!

Ok…now for the “things you don’t see every day” part. This is a picture that Evan took with my camera at the Georgia Aquarium. Yes, that is me. Yes, I am touching a stingray. No, I did not think I would actually touch it. But I did. Stingrays are slimy. That’s all I have to say about that. bleh. LOL!

3 thoughts on “Guilt…and things you don't see every day.

  1. I was practically being forced to touch a stingray and still didn’t do it. the whole slimy thing really did me in.

    and I don’t need pictures, do I post pictues? nope, too lazy or their not at work. 🙂

  2. Heather,
    I don’t need pictures either. I just love hearing from you and knowing how everyone is! Pictures are great, but ONLY if you have the time!!

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