Not as much of a sore thumb as I thought.

So…can you see these two people…

…at an Evanescence concert? (If you don’t know Evanescence…think goth, emo-kids wearing a lot of black clothes and black eye make-up.) That’s where Wade and I went last night. The thing is…we weren’t the most conservative looking folks there. It was really a nice mix of what Wade called “the normal” and “the not so normal.” The concert was entertaining, and the best part…I got to spend time with my man. This makes me happy.

I do have a layout to share today. I did a little scrapping with a good friend on Tuesday. She’s always so impressed with how I use flowers on my boy pages. I say, I gotta use them when I can!

2 thoughts on “Not as much of a sore thumb as I thought.

  1. I’ve gone to 2 rock concerts, think Good Charlotte, Jimmy Eat World and a couple other bands that are harder than they are. I agree that you have the not so normal and hte normal. I was expectig to see more goth looking people and there weren’t that many.

  2. Heather & Wade,
    I can’t believe you too, are EVANESCENCE fans!
    They are really good. My favorite is “My Immortal” & “Call Me When You’re Sober”
    Ya’ll Rock!!!!!!!!
    Love always,

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