Fun and productive day.

I *finally* took the boys to get fitted for their tuxes today. Unfortunately, they were not hooked up to the system to allow us to try on exactly the tux that Holly has picked out, but the boys did get to try on some tux pieces. They were so excited. And WAY too cute. I simply cannot wait to see them all decked out in less than a month!! Check out my little cuties…

That was the productive part of our day. Then we went to the zoo and had some fun. We have a family membership to the zoo, so we can go whenever we like. That way, if we don’t get to see every single animal, the boys don’t feel like they’ve been jipped. So today we just relaxed and had some fun. After seeing a few animals, the boys found a rock and decided they wanted to stop and play. I thought that was a perfect time to get out my camera and practice. I took these, and then I did a little post processing. I gave them a little vintage feel. Go ahead….tell me what you think. *smile*

(Can you see Tyler practicing his best GQ faces in these? heehee)

3 thoughts on “Fun and productive day.

  1. I cannot get over how doggone cute your boys are. Every single picture I see of them, I think to myself, “Self, those boys are just about the cutest things on earth.” The tux pictures are ADORABLE – how funny is it to see their little bodies dressed like the men they will grow up to be? I am SO GLAD I checked in to see if you had pictures up. Smooch, my friend. I’ve been missing you.

  2. Heather,
    I really like the effect. It reminds me of photos “before” color. You know, back when the edge of the photograph was “scalloped” & the date was imprinted on the edge of the photograph. Those were the days, really!!!!!!!!!!
    Love always,

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