Almost half way there.

To Wade coming home. I’m really not whining…just counting down the days… So much going on this week and yet I am at a loss for words. I’ll try to dig something out of this brain of mine…

Yesterday the boys had their dental check-ups. All great. No cavities. All three really great patients. The ladies in the office always go on and on about how cute they all are and how good they are. Makes a momma proud.

Today I did a reshoot with the twins. I was hoping to get more good shots of the little guy. I did get a few more good ones, but he was still calling the shots. I told Kate that I definitely want to come back and have a shoot with them when they are sitting and playing. They are both little heartbreakers.

Last day of this swim lesson session was today. Tyler is moving up to Level 2. Avery is moving up to Level 1, and Benji is staying in Jellyfish for at least one more session. I was thinking that I could actually have all three in one time slot at the same time, but Avery’s advancement killed that thought. Oh well. It just means that the schedule doesn’t change. I can see that as a silver lining.

I’m currently waiting for a call from Wade. He is in D.C. for business, but he was going to a concert tonight. Waiting to hear how it was and that he is back in the hotel safe and sound.

I’m going back to the couch to wait…

2 thoughts on “Almost half way there.

  1. I hope he had fun in DC, it’s my favorite city to visit, it’s the only big city I would consider living in.

    I’m so excited that the photography thing is happening for you, dreams can come true. I just want to improve for myself so when I go to Europe next May my pictures are awesome!

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