A sad day.

First of all…Wade is in Washington, D.C. I’m totally pouting. I will try not to whine all week long. whaaaaaaaaaaa.

Our other sad news… We found Tabby a new home today. Tyler is extremely allergic. He’s been doing fine on Flonase, but we didn’t want to keep him on so many medicines if we can eliminate the problem. So, Tabby has a new family. Avery and Benji took it in stride. Tyler did not do well at all. I’m sure we’ll have issues for a while. I will admit, I cried, too. It was just too sad to see her go…. Tyler wanted me to take some pictures before she left. He wanted one little picture to put in his family journal.

So, I know this is not the best picture. But I could not help but laugh at the look on Tabby’s face in this one…

ok, I think I need to go to bed now. I’m exhausted and I have to tackle three kids at the dentist tomorrow. Hugs and kisses, y’all!

2 thoughts on “A sad day.

  1. I wish we knew about this sooner. What about when Tyler was younger, with Andy and Cassie? I guess this is something you can develope anytime? I’m really sad about Tabby, too. Love ya.

    P.S. Holly had a great shower last night at work. Give her a call.

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