A hard decision.

I made the hard decision to cut down my weekly schedule of Jazzercise classes. On Saturday, I gave my one months notice so they could find someone to take my place. I gave up my MWF morning classes. This leaves me much more time with the boys, more time to focus on my photography, more time to breathe. Avery is sad. He really enjoys going to the playroom at the center. I keep telling him that he will get to spend more time with Mommy, but he doesn’t care. He wants to go to Jazzercise!!! He’ll get over it, I’m sure.

So today is Monday. It’s journaling challenge day. Our challenge was to journal about an ‘old’ picture. The picture I found is about 11 years old. Those were the days… My page…

And for my picture of the day… I’ve been playing around with photoshop a little more. I wanted to try out a sepia tone and a little vignette action. Let me know what you think…

2 thoughts on “A hard decision.

  1. Heather,
    I think I kinda know how you feel. I am a 35 year old trapped in a 52 year old’s body. My “inner” age does not match my “body” age. I’m still working on that. It took 52 years to build the body you see before you & it will probably take at least that long to rebuild.

    But, with all kidding aside and I know I’m just your father, I think you are beautiful. And in the words of Billy Joel, “just the way you are.”

    The spirit of the person you are comes through and makes you more beautiful than you realize @ times.
    The physical beauty, as we all know fades but the spirit shines on forever.

    Love always,

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