Photography news.

Taking more and more steps toward making things more “real” for me. Working on a website, pricing, and as always, improving my photos.

I know so many of you have been waiting to see more of Holly’s photo shoot. (Holly, I hope you got my e-mail.) Whenever Holly says it’s ok to make the album public, I will do that.

I’ve been working a little with photoshop to see what I can offer my customers beyond the normal photos. I do like these that I did for the twins. (You’ll have to imagine that their last name is there…I edited that out for privacy purposes.) I will probably offer these as a Special Service. Tell me what you think!

5 thoughts on “Photography news.

  1. I really love your photos! Including mine. I am okay with you making them public. I would like a nice little collage of us. I don’t think it would get the “awwwww” like the twins but the collage is a great idea.


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