It is Autumn.

My favorite season. I don’t know why, exactly. My birthday is in the fall. Barely, but it is. The air is crisp. The colors are amazing. I can make my favorite foods (chili, vegetable soup, lasagna) without feeling like I’m burning up while eating them. There is snow on the mountain tops, but it is still nice down here. I guess all of these things add up, huh?

I’m feeling really warm and fuzzy today. The house is clean. The Broncos won. I got to do some scrapbooking. And Avery let me take some pictures of him outside. Life is good.

So, here is my little bug. I love that he will give me different faces. He wasn’t angry or aggrivated…just serious. And then he got tickled. Love, love, love this boy!!

Saturday I am going to crop with a great group of ladies here in Colorado. We are participating in a really cool concept for a crop. We are going to make an entire album, but each lady will be doing one page in each of the other ladies’ albums. So we will all go home with a completed album with work from every other lady in the group! It is the same concept as a circle journal, but we don’t have to send our albums around the country. We will do it all at this crop. And thus the name of our little venture…Crop Circle. LOL! (It was all Mary Kay’s doing. heehee) So, here is the front of my album… (that is a cut out square there in the middle that you can see through)

And this is the page behind the cover (that you can see through the square):

Wade took one look at it and snickered and said, “That’s so you…so many layers…so many steps.” heehee…he knows me too well….

One thought on “It is Autumn.

  1. because I love every season equally I’m loving the colder weather and snuggling under blankets. As long as the sun is out I’m a hpapy girl.

    Love the album idea, what a great way to do a cj!

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