We went to the park today.

We had to get out of the house. The boys were climbing the walls! So we met our friends at ‘The Ranch’ park. It has a really cool playground and the boys love to play there. I took my chance to have a little more practice with my camera. I decided to use my ‘little’ lens and see what I could do. I felt a little breath of fresh air taking pictures today. I was feeling the love. I think I’m going to take my camera to the ice cream shop tomorrow, too.

Here is my Benji hanging like a monkey….as usual….

And Avery. He was trying to ham it up, but he has the goofiest faces sometimes. And those ears…they don’t stick out like that all the time. Only when he wears hats. heehee

In scrapbooking news… calls go out tomorrow for the idea book that I submitted for. Three pages of mine are up for grabs. I’ll let you know if I get any picked up!

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