Creating fool.

Yeah… You remember that prediction from yesterday? Yep. That was me today. I went *wild* in my scraproom! I made cards, cards and more cards. Some for my stash. Some thank yous for Tyler to send out. And some cards for my bunco group tomorrow. 37 in all. I was crazy, I tell you!! I also made a scrapbook page that I am going to share with you today. I like it, but I don’t think that it is publish material, so I am not going to submit it, and that means you get to see it! Just a little page about Avery…my ‘thinker’. And don’t think I’m weird for using so many different colors of flowers…or for using flowers at all. heehee. I feel secure enough in my boys’ Y chromosomes to throw in some flowers every now and then. And the flowers match all of the colors in the paper! Gotta love color!

For the pictures today, I wanted to share the many faces of Tyler. The first two are from the zoo. He rode on the train with his buddy Logan. And the other is from his birthday. WARNING: Picture of little boy making weird monster face will follow!!

3 thoughts on “Creating fool.

  1. 37 cards, you are crazy! I have a hard enough time with one card. I see no problem using flowers on a boy page, they just kind of blend in!

    And I have to say I love that last picture, what a boy!

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