T.V. Junkie

First of all…I am better today. No lost children. Heartrate back to normal. Even went scrapbook shopping for a little bit today. Tomorrow I will be a creating fool!

On to the topic at hand. We really don’t watch that much t.v. The tube is off most of the day. The boys get ONE video a day and we have a calendar to help us remember which boy will pick the movie of the day. Even then, the other two boys have the option of watching the movie or not. Wade and I, on the other hand, have our evenings planned to the T. Even the summers are bad. You would think that there is nothing but re-runs on. And you would be wrong. Wednesdays have been the worst. We had conflicts in our schedule!! The horror! So You Think You Can Dance and Project Runway have both been on at the same time…thank goodness for DVR!!!! Well…tonight was the finale for SYTYCD. So, so happy with the outcome!!! (Won’t spoil it here if you watch and haven’t seen it…) That show was just right up my alley and I’m so glad I stumbled upon it earlier this summer. Project Runway is in it’s third season and NEVER fails to entertain me. The people, the designs, the challenges…just brilliant! I do have a problem, though. Previews. At the end of the show, they show the previews for the following week and everytime I just get so excited about the next show and then realize that I have to wait another week!!!! Aaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrgggghhhhhhhhhh!!!!! I guess this is supposed to teach me patience. bleh. Let me see…what other shows are we *totally* addicted to…??? (Public Service Announcement….if you call during one of these shows and I ask to call you back…*please* don’t be offended… heehee) Ok….Grey’s Anatomy….Queer Eye for the Straight Guy….Workout….Hell’s Kitchen (but it’s over for the season)….My Name is Earl….Extreme Makeover Home Edition…and Denver Broncos Football. I’m sure there will be more once the TV season starts.

I will leave you with 7 (yes 7) pictures of Benji. This is Benji on the train at the zoo. Gotta love this kid’s face…

2 thoughts on “T.V. Junkie

  1. i’m worried about my tv watching this fall, how will i be able to fit it all in especially when i have class until after 9 on Thrusday. :-O

    i’ve been all about rockstar supernova and watching baseball this summer. i can tell you the Tigers pitching rotation and who plays what base and where they usually bat. my mom thinks i’ve gone crazy!

  2. That’s my sweetie pie! I will be in Dallas this weekend, leaving tomorrow a.m. FYI, the refund/credit to your credit card, may take up to 2 weeks. Let me know when it comes thru. Love ya.

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