I lost Avery today.

For about 10 minutes. I hate that feeling. We went to the zoo. We had a fabulous morning with a few friends. We had a picnic lunch. The time came to come home. As we walked down the ramp to the parking garage, I lost sight of Avery. The friends we were with thought he got on the elevator. I began panic mode. I ran up and down four flights of stairs a couple of times shouting his name. I got back to the level we were on and there he was. Apparently he had gone in search of the car. I swear I got the shakes. So many things could have happened to my little bug. He was crying. I was feeling like I was going to puke. We’ve talked several times since (and will continue to talk) about this. Because what would I do without him…

I did do a scrapbook page today…but can’t share. I think I really like it! So, instead…how about some flower pictures from the zoo.

As always…constructive criticism is always accepted!!

Tomorrow will be a less stressful day. It will.

3 thoughts on “I lost Avery today.

  1. Heather,
    I know the feeling. Many, many, years ago & just one aisle away in the store,child calling,parent panicking.
    It IS scary and it definitely gets your attention!
    Take this opportunity to be thankful that someone watches over us @ these times. No sermon – use this as a learning experience, hug ’em, let them know you love ’em.That’s all.
    Love you, always

  2. I actually think it was the Denver zoo where I lost Avery last time. Remember when he ran over the train tracks and I had to run to get him. I don’t think I like your zoo anymore….

    I love you.


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