Late night blogging.

I swore that I was going to try to get my blogging done in the daytime so I can have my nights to sleep. Oy. I’m pretty sure that I had something to actually say today, but it has slowly seeped out of my brain throughout the night. So, tonight will just be the fun stuff.

As promised…the picture of Benji in his bowling shoes. I just couldn’t get over his little feet in those shoes. SO cute. Here are his little size 9s.

My scrapbook page of the day is a simple one. I wanted to make a page with the pics from my first ever fireworks photo shoot. The pictures came out so amazing! Here is my page:

A big thank you to my friend Emily who hosted an Ad Inspiration Challenge that inspired this page. Without her I would still be stuck at my scrap table.

Until tomorrow!!

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