Happy Birthday Tyler!

Tyler is seven. I’m going to have to get used to saying that. Seven. Oy. “My seven year old.” Or how about this one…. “My second grader.” *sigh* I think I need to stop blogging in the middle of the night. I get all sentimental and sappy. My post tonight is still all about Tyler. (Sorry, Evan. I’ll give you a shout out tomorrow. ok?) Tyler woke up this morning and wanted to wear his new clothes from Grandma and Grandpa. Complete with the jeans. I had to convince him that even though it was unseasonably cool for a summer day, it was still too warm to wear jeans. Crazy kid. I think he’s going to be my preppy boy. He much prefers to wear his button-up shirts, and this layered look is *very* hip to his jive. We went to McDonalds for lunch today…Tyler’s choice. After eating, Tyler went straight to the basketball cage and played there the whole time. He was shooting baskets and dribbling better than I can. He came out and said…”I think I play basketball better than t-ball.” To which I replied, “I think you’re right!” And I meant it! I’m not really fond of basketball, but I guess if that’s what he wants to play, Momma’s going to have to learn to like it. We came home and took a few pictures in his new duds. Here is my favorite shot…

For my scrapbook page, I decided to follow yesterday’s “Six” page with today’s “Seven” page. Whipped this one up this evening. (If you can’t read the journaling…here it is! ~~Seven is how old you are today. Seven is Second Grade. Seven is when you get to wear a tuxedo for the first time. Seven is seven minute time outs. Seven is finding a new interest for rocks and geology. Seven is making your Mommy feel like an old lady. Seven is going to be a great year!~~)

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  1. I’m with Amanda on the whole grunge thing. Let him be a clothes horse, that’s what you Grandmommie used to say about your daddy! Guess he comes by it naturally!

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