Blogging Under the Influence. Yep. That’s me. Wade and I shared a bottle of wine tonight at dinner. The wine was given to us by his cousin Jessica when she and her family were here in July. It was a Chardonney and complemented our salmon very nicely. All of this to ask you to please disregard any typos in this post. I’ll try my hardest to proofread, but even that may be laughable…

Today was Tyler’s birthday party. Sadly, we didn’t get to go to the waterpark. It was 61 degrees at 10am. *shiver* So we decided to go bowling instead. The boys had a fabulous time! The lighting was terrible and therefore I got mediocre shots. Many of them too blurry to use. I did get a *really* great shot of Benji’s bowling shoes, but I’ll save that for later (when it’s not Tyler’s weekend). My picture of the day is not all that sharp, but it is really shows Tyler’s happiness from the event. This is the card that Grandma and Grandpa sent. It has the picture of Tyler on his horse when we were on vacation. He had so much fun on that horse…he had so much fun today.

I’m cheating a little for the scrapbook page of the day. I’ve promised my Grandmommie for months that I would show her one of my published pages. So I figured this would be the best time to do that! This page was published in March 2006, but the pictures were taken just after Tyler turned six. The page is entitled SIX. This is a scan of the page in the magazine. With my name and everything. Tyler was so tickled that he was in a magazine. heehee So… on the last day of my little boy being six…here is his fame and glory…

3 thoughts on “B.U.I.

  1. Okay, the BUI had me snorting coke on my screen. Heather, this is why I love you – you are the real deal! You are right, that picture totally and completely captures his joy, and that’s what it is all about… not portraits and perfect lighting. Because in the end, years down the road, these are the kind of pictures that will bring back memories!

  2. it seems the wine didn’t affect your blogging ability at all. 🙂

    I have to agree with Kelly, the picture might not be perfect in the technical sense but it perfectly captured the moment and that’s what really matters!

  3. The picture was great! (Of course it was, look at the subject matter). I meant to ask to see your published works, when I was there, last time. Sorry about the water park. Did it rain, again?????

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