I almost forgot to do this.

It’s been one of those nights. ugh. I just spent two hours (yes, you read that right) in the bathroom with Benji. One half of potty training is going really well…the other half, not so much. It’s either sit in the bathroom for two hours trying to convince him that “everything will come out ok in the end” or I get to clean up dirty undies. *sigh* Probably more than any of you wanted to know. I will try not to do that again. 😛

My pic for the day actually comes from yesterday. The boys went outside after the rain dried up and had some fun with sidewalk chalk. Avery drew this fantastic Sun that had a ray that stretched the length of the driveway. I was going for the cool angle, but I think that the background ‘junk’ is a little *bleh*. I do love capturing these two at play, though. It’s hard sometimes to catch them when they are getting along. 😉

And without further ado…my scrapbook page of the day. I got these pics of Benji blowing bubbles in the backyard when Grandma and Grandpa were here. I just love the look of ‘pure joy’ on his face in the bottom picture!

Now I am off to check on my blog buddy Amanda and then Wade and I are going to watch The Libertine. Johnny Depp and John Malkovich….I couldn’t get any better than that!

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