All About Avery

It’s all about my little bug today. The picture for today I actually took about a week ago. (I *did* take pictures today, but none really struck a chord with me…) So I was going through some pics and showing them to Wade, and this one we both thought was so cute and so “Avery.” He was really into posing this day. And with no prompting from me, I got this look. I love it! So, after a little bit of photo editing…I got this.

This scrapbook page, I actually did finish today. I started it yesterday and had everything but the journaling. Got it done this evening while watching “So You Think You Can Dance.” Enjoy!

3 thoughts on “All About Avery

  1. That is just the cutest face! Learning my camera is another thing I need to do. I keep meaning to but then other things get in the way. I just need to take a physical class, I wonder if I can fit that in with the other 15 credits I’m taking in the fall. 😛

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