Benji back to normal

It appears I have to be shamed into posting updates. heehee You know who you are… *pthpthpthpht* Anyway, I thought that you all would like to see that Benji is finally looking like himself again. The black eyes are gone. *I* can tell that he has a little bit of a bump on the side of his nose, but most likely nobody else could. Here’s the boy….


HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY!!!!! That’s *my* daddy. “Poppy” to the boys. My daddy is 52 today. Love you, Daddy!! **smooch**

2 thoughts on “Benji back to normal

  1. Heather, I was glad to hear from you and I see that Benji is doing very well and he is VERY TALKATIVE.
    I am truly honored by him sharing so much with me. And Avery, thanks buddy for telling Mommie my ACCURATE age of “FIFTY.” And to Tyler, a “BLACK HOLE” is where birthdays go when you turn “FIFTY-TWO.”
    I love you all, thanks for my birthday wishes-
    Love always,

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