So, for the past 8 years, we have used a homemade bow on the top of our tree. It was homemade by me. The first one lasted 7 years, but it was pretty beat up, so I made another one for last year. I didn’t like it. At all. Blech. Wade and I were talking about it on Friday night. We had our entire tree decorated, except for the top. I couldn’t bear to put up that bow again. So he, (jokingly, I think) suggested a blown glass spire like from the 70’s. And I thought it was *brilliant*!! I think it surprised him. So he ran with it… He said what about shiny red? Now *that’s* what I’m talking about!! So, I thought I would get online and see what I could find. My first stop… target.com. I typed in tree topper and guess what I found….
tree topper
I’m in LOVE!

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