The day after Thanksgiving, it is our family tradition to decorate the house for Christmas. Wade brought up all of the boxes and our new tree from the crawl space. While Benji was napping, Tyler and Avery “helped” Wade put the lights up outside. We got the tree put together and all fluffed out just in time for dinner. Dinner and bath and then it was time to decorate the tree!! The boys were so excited! Tyler showed Avery and Benji how to put the ornaments on the branches. Avery, of course, caught on really quick. Benji took a little longer. But as soon as he got it, he was a decorating machine! I caught a shot of the concentration on his face while putting on an ornament…
benji tree

One thought on “11-25-05

  1. He’s so big. I can’t believe he’s ready to take on such an important Christmas role. I only hope Madison can have that much patience when we put up a tree. She doesn’t focus on one thing for more than 2 seconds. 🙂

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