So, I had a photo planned for today, got it all set up, took some shots….and they stunk. ugh! So I took some at dinner…cute, but blurry. And then, it was bathtime. INSPIRATION!!!! I haven’t taken pictures of bathtime in ages! I really needed to capture this time in their lives. It is going to come to an end soon. Tyler is getting big…really too big to be in the bath with both of the younger boys. It really is easier to bathe them all at once, but it can’t last forever. So I told the boys to squish together so I could get a shot of all of them at once. Tyler and Benji moved in close to each other. Avery…well….this is what he did…
avery duck

This pic, is just a really cute shot of Benji playing with his bath people. I love his little hands in this picture…
benji bath

6 thoughts on “11-13-05

  1. I didn’t think I could find a better bath shot when I saw your three little guys, the one with the ducky on his head. Then I scrolled down. Wow! tough competiton.

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