I’ve been wanting to document this for a while. These are Benji’s eyelashes. *Everywhere* we go, we get comments on his eyelashes. I think mostly they are offset by his big blue eyes. I am sure that one day the girls will be tripping over themselves to get to my little boy. Until then…he’s all mine!!

Ok…a little bonus… I didn’t take this pic today. It was actually taken the same day I did Avery’s 4 year old photo shoot. I just got around to playing with this pic and I think I really love it. Not everyone is smiling, but something about it speaks to me about my boys. I love them so much. Here they are…
my boys

12 thoughts on “11-10-05

  1. Oh my what incrediable shots these are! I love the photo of all three of your sweet boys. And those eyelashes-why is it that the boys always get those and the girls don’t? LOL. TFS.

  2. ok, I’m in love! what beautiful boys! and it’s true about boys always getting the long lashes…my son has the longest lashes. He gets them from me 🙂 My daughter? She’s got short, stumpy ones 🙁

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