Our First Garage Photo Shoot

And we will be doing it again!

We started out the day thinking that we would go to Boulder to take our annual family picture for our holiday cards. Well, the day began cloudy, foggy, drizzly, and cold. So, we decided to go to the Botanic Gardens to see if we could pull something out. We ended up getting some pretty good pictures. We also decided that we would try to get some more pics on another day to have some other “good” ones to choose from. On the way home from the gardens, I thought that we could possibly try a garage photo shoot. I am so glad we did!!! Unbelievably, the first picture we took was GREAT! Obviously, I can’t share it with you here… You’ll have to wait for the card in the mail! But I will share my favorite picture of me and Wade. I can’t wait to get this one printed and hanging on the wall…
Heather and Wade

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