Camping at Jack’s Gulch

Last weekend, we went camping at Jack’s Gulch Recreation Area in the Roosevelt National Forest. It’s about 45 miles west of Fort Collins — a two hour dive from Northglenn. We drove up Friday night after Heather’s dance class, so the mountain driving at night was a new experience for all of us!

Since this was out first time camping, we went with our more experienced friends Robin and Jon, and their son Logan. They had camp pretty much all set up by the time we got the late Friday night, so we just crawled into the tent and tried to get some sleep. It was quite chilly, and Benjamin was restless being in unfamiliar surroundings. Eventually, we got some shut eye.

The boys woke early on Saturday. Jon prepared campfire eggs and bacon for breakfast. The morning was spent warming up, and after lunch the older boys went on a short hike around the camp area. Later in the afternoon, we took a scenic drive while the boys had a much needed nap.

Saturday night we had some delicious marinated steaks for dinner (in a blustery mountain rain shower no less) with baked potatoes and beer. Sunday morning Heather helped make some campfire cheese eggs and sausage.

Everyone had fun, and the boys had too much fun as they were clearly exhausted on the ride home.

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